Kinsale Food Capital of Ireland! 

When travelling, there are two types of people – those who count their penny’s/ cents and those who don’t at least when it comes to food! I don’t! I love food! 

Kinsale is touted as the Food Capital of Ireland , and there are some brilliant restaurants! I haven’t even been to all of them! But I have decided that I will when I am living in Europe again! Kinsale has a Food Festival a couple times a year, next – their 41st in October!
This year … actually every time I go to Kinsale I have my staple places to eat, drink and be merry! 

This year was no exception when I was made aware of some new guests to Kinsale Drinks shelf! 

Sorry Cork Dry Gin but I had to try them… oh course I did! With tonic and martini style! 

I usually go through the line up Guinness, Murphy’s, Beamish, Kinsale Ale and then gin but this time, mostly gin! 

Fishy Fishy – a relaxed venue with outstanding service and atmosphere! It get very busy during the summer! I have been here at least once a year! Pretty much every trip at least once, usually for special meals like birthdays, Christmas but if my holiday doesn’t encompass one of these then it’s a highlight of the trip! I have never had a bad meal, the wine is good and this trip the Martini’s were excellent! I have been eating at Fishy Fishy since 2008 and it only gets better! 

Dino’s –
the local fish and chip shop! It’s one of the busiest restaurant in Kinsale!both the sit down side and the take away side! Battered fish several ways, generous portions and good local ale! The cozy atmosphere suits any occasion! I am pretty sure any trip to the sea side is not complete without battered fish, chips and mushy peas! Again I am pretty sure I have eaten either at Dino’s or had take away for the the last 9 years! 

The Black Pig –
 A fairly new restaurant to Kinsale! I ate here for the first time last summer! Tapas style with eclectic decorations and a wonderfully cozy out door space – a tiny place with moss covered walls and an awning to protect from the rain! Both meals have been exceptional and the wine is form a large collection! You can even watch the servers preparing the cool platters! 


How to plan your packing for 3 months

How to plan your packing for a 3 month summer holiday - carikubeblog.wordpress.comBeing an international teacher means when it is holiday time I want to get out and see the world! This is a wonderful way to live. But when the term dates are changed, and I end up with three extra weeks holiday over the summer – two things happen:

  1. My colleagues and I become the most hated teachers’ on the planet, thanks to extra long summer vacation.
  2. I panic about how to pack for a three month holiday!

Three months is a long time – last summer I had 110 days and had to pack for a scuba volunteer project in a summer climate and winter with my mother. This summer I plan to travel around the UK and see some parts of Europe I haven’t seen yet (More on that in a later post). With the additional problem of taking some books back to the UK, as well as having to take my laptop, kindle and Ipad in my checked in baggage – the problem increased.  Even less space in my suitcase!

How do you pack for a long holiday?

My sister laughs at me, but I start with Pinterest – I have a board called Packing, that I pin all sorts of packing hacks, tips and methods. Recently, I have developed an interest in capsule wardrobes, I like the idea of a smaller wardrobe that makes more outfits. This will allow me to spend more money on travelling and fun stuff! Check out my Pinterest Board called Fashion for more details and ideas about capsule wardrobes.

My sister laughs at the way I start packing, I use a pencil and my Bullet Journal. This means I can pack anywhere even while on the bus waiting for the bank to open. I find that this method helps refine my thinking of which items I need – I can then pull out what is necessary and then add things I feel are necessary.  Or things I just have to take with me!

Steps to my slim line packing method:

  1. List the basics for clothes
  2. List extras that you might need to buy (this helps if you have limited space)
  3. List basics for toiletries (thanks to Boots and Superdrug I can pick up anything bulky like shampoo and conditioner!)
  4. List basics for makeup
  5. Once the basics are listed – lay everything out on the bed (this helps with colour coding and making sure everything matches).
  6. Pack it all – if it fits great! If it doesn’t – sorry high tops will have to only take the Converse!

My lists help me visualise what I might need and gives me an idea of what the basics are! Once, the items are out on the bed I can see what I have and add or remove items depending on my needs.


So how do you pack for a long holiday? Let me know your tips and tricks!