Letter to Steve

Dear Steve,

Yes, this is an actual letter! Well sort of, it’s the letter I have been meaning to write for ages!

Just before I set off on my Eastern European Extravaganza tour, I was concerned about all the eating and drinking that would be happening (I love food) over a six week period where staying in shape is tricky.After searching the infinite web, I landed on a site called

After searching the unlimited internet, I landed on a site called Nerd Fitness – I was intrigued! Yes, I am a nerd – I do like Zombies Run and have a complicated relationship with fitness. Of course, I was going to be interested. Gym bunnies and I just don’t think the same way.

Nerd Fitness has made some changes over the last few years, but its mission hasn’t changed only been focused. The first post I actually read – you can surf the site for ages looking for different things – was Do Something You Suck At.

That was back in June 2014, yes I have been following NF for a while.

The post was cool – the main picture was of Lego figures, and everyone loves Lego! It was simply about the new things that you (Steve Kamb) had tried out that week. It resonated. When had been the last time I had tried anything just for fun? One post leads to another and as I was actually searching for ways to stay fit while travelling I discovered a post called How to Stay in Shape while Travelling.  Which details your efforts to stay healthy while travelling. There were some key points and some interesting ideas. The fact that the post included pictures of you before your trip and after – you got bigger! Wow! I was impressed.

Three things I took away from your post:

  1. Stay active – walk where you can, work out where can
  2. Keep a routine – important for both fitness and sight seeing!
  3. Eat well – make the right choices, including salads and vegetables.

While you were travelling, you were using body weight exercises, and pull ups! I used walking and jogging – I love a fast walk around a park! If I could rent a bicycle, I did! I don’t like gyms and struggle to work out on my own I definitely prepare team sports!

Food – well it was an interesting journey for me because I love food, but after reading your tips on travelling and food, I found I was making better choices. Choosing high protein meals and although nothing in this universe will make me give up pasta or great bread, I did start eating fewer carbs. Or should I say more vegetables and fruit? I was choosing vegetables instead of rice or potatoes, and I loved it.

There is an option to sign up and pay for extra things – and this has changed a lot over the last few years – more towards a gaming platform to inspire and encourage people to get involved and be part of something bigger. The Nerd Fitness Academy includes mindset, meals and fitness modules with workout routines. The courses are self-paced which is great. I love that you even have a Nerd Fitness Yoga section too (also new in the last 2 years). I haven’t signed up for either yet partly because I want to do both but I also am getting what I need from the blog posts and free resources. Although every time I check out NF Yoga, I am tempted! Due mostly to the fact that there is no yoga near where I live! I think the blog is excellent and the tips and ideas are great – which I incorporate into my life (See Blink and you will miss it post), I love the body weight exercises although I do struggle with some of them – so I reduce those I need to and increase the ones I can. I am signed up to the Rebellion and even have my own password but I am only just starting to get into using it!

While it is a fitness site, Ned Fitness is so much more – it’s about regular people, getting advice and support on fitness, get stronger and living better lives filled with adventure and courage to find happiness. It incorporates geeky references and movie trivia, and I love the lego pictures and the Superhero work out’s (even though they are super tough!).

After I got back from my Eastern European Extravaganza I started on the Paleo Diet Food plan and focused on adding more vegetables and I slimmed down nearly 5 kilogrammes! As a teacher, I walk constantly, so incorporating more activity in my life has been tricky but using the hints and ideas from Nerd Fitness I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am now 36 years old and looking to the future I want to be more! Yes, more of everything! Doing my masters and working full time and trying to include the fun things I enjoy is tricky but so far it is working all thanks to you, Steve! You and Nerd Fitness!

I am now 36 years old and looking to the future I want to be more! Yes, more of everything! Doing my masters and working full time and trying to include the fun things I enjoy is tricky but so far it is working all thanks to you, Steve! You and Nerd Fitness! I even started going to the gym with some friends and it was so much fun – sadly our busy lives and extra tutoring for saving scuppered that about two months but I am refocusing and respawning in order to ensure I continue to be healthy and get a bit fitter!

Thankfully NF has taught me that it’s 100% okay to fail as long as you brush of your failure and try again!

So I want to say a huge thank you to you, Steve and Nerd Fitness for helping me along my journey to lead a stronger and more adventurous life!

Many thanks,


PS. To anyone reading this post please leave a comment and check out the links embeded in this post – and if you haven’t already check out Nerd Fitness!

Rule #1


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