Blink and you will miss it!

Life is the biggest distraction – suddenly it’s two years later!

As a child we often get told not to wish to be grown up, at least my mum did. Now at nearly 37 years of age, I realised that like most things – mother knew best!

I was checking out my creative writing folder on one of my backup USB’s and “wow” – in some cases I have worked on any of my stories in YEARS and YEARS! Even my most planned piece was last updated in 2012, and others since 2002. So what was I doing creatively?


  • 2014 I documented my travels through this blog.
  • Attempted to learn the violin
  • Scuba diving
  • Traveled
  • Marine research volunteer in Madagascar
  • Traveled

Okay, okay, I did lots of travelling while living in the Land of Sand. I also started my Masters.

So I have done a lot, but I miss my creative writing, and I do miss it a lot. I feel that I blink and days or weeks disappear.

So April 11, 2017, is going to be my:

Respawning Day

Yes, just like in the games I love so much and rarely get to play, I am respawning from where I died… reloading a previous save! I feel no shame in re-spawning, it’s much more forward thinking than you realise. So you can’t kill the last dragon because you are (a) not strong enough, (b) you didn’t collect the Staff of Ages. Why spend hours grinding and getting frustrated? Respawn, reload, fix the problem! It works in Dragon Age and Mass Effect! So a big thank you must go to Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness who first introduced me to the idea that respawning in life is good! (More on my love and admiration for Steve and NF in the future.)


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