Where will this year take you?

So it’s January, time to write a new list! Where do you start? 

I like to start at the end seems rather silly but it’s a good place to start. Start at the end of last year! 

What did you do? How much did you do? Where did you go? What have you crossed off your big list of life already? 

From there I choose a few things that I’d like to try and do, generally something for fitness, health, travel and something for broadening the mind. 

So this year my something to exercise is to play squash more, to dive more, to try more dive places around Jeddah. For health I want to try continue eating better less carbs more vegetables, and maybe learn how to cook a new soup. So that’s health and fitness! Next up travel!

I definitely want to go to Dubai this year for a weekend or maybe a week! after being subtly manipulated by my mother into a trip to Jordan, I guess Jordan is the place.

To broaden my mind, well based on last years learning to play the violin, this year I’m actually going to learn something to play a piece on the violin something simple but beautiful. 

There are several other aspects of life today I try to improve as well.  standard ones like to be more sociable, say yes to more things, try new restaurants, try different food, things like that. 

Making the choice to do something and being specific about it is the hardest part of making a list of things to do for the new year. As the weeks go on your plans will finalize and change as you might be inspired to change your plans. Just because you put something on your list and you don’t achieve it doesn’t mean you haven’t done anything. It just gives you a place to start. 

As every traveller knows it is not the destination it is the journey!


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