As the end of November rolls around, everyone starts talking about Halloween. Whether they are Christian or Muslim. I remember last year not really thinking about it! Having lived most of my life in the West, I look forward to the parties and dressing up. Though never quite experiencing the trick or treating that is so popular in the USA. I have found that the hype here in Saudi is over the top. The kids are all dressed up, talking about the parties and where they are going to trick or treat. For some it is up and down their apartment block, for others it’s around the compound. This all seems fine and dandy.

Until you remember that I live in Saudi Arabia, a very religious country where music, bikini’s, women driving and drinking is forbidden. Suddenly, children getting excited about a pagan celebration that celebrates the dead seems really strange and oddly worrying. Trying to have discussions with the older children is like talking to a brick wall – Halloween is about getting candy and wearing scary stuff – much like Christmas is about presents. 


Maybe it’s me being older, surely there’s more to it than that? 


Maybe I am looking at this in the wrong way? 

After all we all believe in different things and our beliefs colour our celebrations be they religious or secular. Perhaps the key thing to remember is that everyone is different and we all believe in different ways. 

So I should just don some over the top make up and head out for a laugh and look for a sugar high! 


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