Organising a dive boat.

2013-08-31 08.13.15While waiting for my DM License to come through the post, I decided to use my qualification and organise a boat trip into the Rea Sea for a day of fun and frolics.

So I invited all my friends from the different groups I have meet in Jeddah, booked the boat and was surprised that 26 people showed interest and wanted to dive with me.

Then it was time for two weeks holiday!

On returning 16 people cancelled on me due to lack of money and commitment scheduling issues! Oh bother! I couldn’t even cover the cost of the boat hire!


Luckily the boat manager is a friend of mine and he helped out by ringing people he know that were always up for diving. I also branched out and invited anyone I have previously dived with. It’s a good thing there are a lot of divers in Jeddah.

Cobbling together a boat in a week and finding a deposit, ordering gear – WOW! It was a race but I made it – adding my final 2 places on Thursday evening! A full boat!

The day dawned – I was late getting to the boat so I was a bit frazzled. But everything started smoothly with handing out gear, collecting money including a direct deposit into my account from a mobile phone – I love technology!20140329_163632

I only had to defriend 2 no shows!

We got under way and thank goodness a great time was had by all!

Whew! Going to need to recover after that!


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