The thing about coffee

imageimageLong, short, quick, instant, milky, foamy, cream or sugar….heck in Cambodia they even have it with condensed milk!

Coffee – like marmite you love it or hate it! No one can really say it is just ok! The options of how you have it are endless and each country has its on variation and style.

My morning brew is usually an extra large latte of something strong. The last one was a spicy Sumatran while the current is a Strong African blend. 1/2 coffee, 1/2 milk with a dash of foam – allowing for maximum enjoyment on the school bus. imageI own an imageespresso machine which make much better coffee than instant which just seems so thin.

Sadly I am limited to 1 extra large coffee per day otherwise the caffeine overwhelmed me and I get hyper and a hyper teacher plus hyper children is a bad mix!

So I enjoy it on the ride to work or before the bus ride. My biggest problem when it comes to coffee is that I am incapable of keeping a travel mug alive for more than a couple of months. In the last year I have been through a cheap one, metal one, several expressive plastic ones. I drop them, leave them on buses, tubes, trains. There is nothing more frustrating than getting of a train or tube and realising your coffee is still of the train! Then trying to get back and have the doors slam in your face and watching your coffee disappear into the distance!

I usually console myself with mug shopping  and if I am in London, a trip to Broad Street market in Hackney for my favourite brew of all time. Filtered Monsoon Malabar with thick cream and a dash of sugar!

                               Yum, Yum.


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