Alzu, South Africa

The coolest thing about driving from Jo’burg, South Africa to Mbabane, Swaziland is Alzu. It’s a fabulous creation by the Alzu Animal Feed Manufacturer. A conservational idea to help educate people and show them something wonderful.

At it’s most basic it is a filling station/ rest stop with a twist.

In an effort to promote and protect the Rhino’s of South Africa, The owners of Alzu have created a mini game park with zebra, water buffalo, emu, ostriches, impala and rhino.

Yes I said RHINO’s!

There are several including a baby. Due to the disgusting habit of a certain kind of people in this world poaching rhino is still a big issue in the world with rhinos being culled for their horns. It’s kind of a hack and slash and leave the creatures to die horribly. Alzu is trying a unique way to stop this. The Alzu rhinos have all be dehorned and are protected by barbed wire, electric fences and armed guards. Strangely with all the people who pass through Alzu rest stop every one of them…yes everyone of them… stops to see the rhinos meandering about eating or drinking. Unlike a lot of parks that protect their rhinos out of the eye line of the normal people, Alzu rhinos are there to be seen by everyone.

What better way for people and children to see some of Africa’s finest creatures than by watching them while you eat your Nando’s or as you wash your hands in one of the rest rooms. If you want to learn more about protecting rhino’s you can pop downstairs and learn allsorts of cool facts about rhinos and what people in South Africa are doing to save them.



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