Almost missed it


I often sit on the boat or at La Plage watching divers clamber in and out of the ocean with cameras, wondering what it would be like to dive with one. To actually leave with with more than memories to discuss over a Pepsi on the surface.

So I thought I would try it.

A friend lent me his camera. Man it was fun I could record the cool stuff I could see! Coral, morays, dominos were all fodder for my desperate need to capture my dive through the lens.

Suddenly my buddy grabbed my should are pointed frantically above us. Cruising mid water was an eagle ray. I rushed to take a snap, I think I got its silhouette! Oh well, on with the photo’s.

Twice more my buddy had to get my attention out of the reef to see a turtle zip by overhead and a very large sting ray guiding beneath us in the gloom. Twice more I rushed to capture images. Twice more I missed them.

I didn’t even get to appreciate their beauty as they drifted out of sight. I was too busy trying to capture it all. I can’t even say what I saw on that dive through the lens, but I know what I almost missed!

As much as it’s fun to see pictures from your dive, I don’t think underwater photography is for me. I would rather see exciting things than almost miss them.

The ocean is bigger than the view finder!



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