Work – life balance

  Everyone yells: work – life balance!

You must do it this way, no do it that way! I have tried several different way to organise my life better.

20141024_055830Lists – Easier way to organise the day, write everything on it and get stressed because you haven’t done half the list by the end of the day. I am a great list writer but also a great procrastinator. So I just put it off till tomorrow.20141024_060726

Franklin Covey Lists – List everything of the day/ week then label each item A for must get done today. B for should get done today but end of the weekend is good. C for anything that could get done today but in two weeks is fine too. This allows you to cross of small things that you do while doing others and gives you a much shorter list that must get done. I got this out of Franklin Covey’s “Time and life management” book and use it all the time even if I don’t letter or number the items. This is really good for deadlines and to fit into your day.

20141024_060311The Wheel of life – An old boss introduced me to this when I was stressed out that I wasn’t doing any of the things I really enjoy doing. The method is simple and allows you to see which area of your life you need to work on. I either choose 6 – 8 segments as it covers most of the topics I am interested in e.g. work/ career, healthy eating, exercise, hobbies and creative. Then you simple colour the wedges up to to how happy or how much time you spend on each. Really good to see what you need to spend more time doing but not so good for planning your week.

In my adult life I have tried many different ways to get the perfect work life balance.

I have discovered:

If you are happy then your work life balance is good.

So what if you work all the time! Are you happy?

Yes – great, No – fix it!

You like to do things on your own and don’t socialise much, are YOU happy?

Yes? Then it is working!

You play hard and hate your job – then you are in the wrong job.

Work is fine, life is expensive, the weather sucks? Try a new city!

I did and I am enjoying my life!

My advice to anyone who struggles with this, we all do at some stage or another, if figure out what it is you want to do more of and make small changes toward being happy.

What about the work – life – exercise balance? You ask.

Don’t ask me – I am still figuring that out!


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