Solo Traveler Problems

So I have been looking through my photos – all three memory cards of them and have discovered the most difficult thing about travelling on your own. How do you show that you were actually there at that amazing place?

Here is one skill you have to perfect…

The Selfie!

There is no way I am walking around with a camera or cell/mobile extender…

I am not that desperate for a picture

…but it is nice to see yourself in a photo of the places you have been.

So the key points for a good selfie:

  1. Hold your phone with a slightly bent arm – ensure the zoom is fully out other wise you will get a great forehead shot!
  2. Angle your phone/camera slightly
  3. Position your phone/ camera so that you are at the edge of the frame.

If all else fails ask a fellow traveller/ guide/ stranger or use a mini stand or balance you phone/camera on a wall or bin .. heck trees work too!

After 10 week of practice I am pretty good at the Selfie!


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