Return to Jeddah


After 10 weeks….yes I said it 10 weeks! Of going where I wanted, seeing what I wanted and doing what I wanted I returned to the land of the abaya, no diving and work.

A new year blooms and I am decidedly calm!

The heat hits me like a wall! Oh my was it really this hot last year?? It’s humid! I am in the middle of a desert why is it humid??

I don’t remember the humidity!

As with most places nothing has changed, the roads are still full of bad drivers and potholes. But it is a familiar place. Somewhere I know. My perspective has changed, I have changed – 10 weeks will do that to a person. But Jeddah is reassuringly the same!

DSCN1806As I walk into my villa – generic furnishings face me and – phew I am home.

Oddly, I am home!

Strangely yes – In the last year Jeddah has become MY home. Even if it is fleeting before I move on the the next place. It’s more that the fact that I have been away a long time and living out of a back pack!

No more packing every 5 days.

This is my space! The stuff filling the drawers is mine. The messy desk with too much sitting on it – is mine! The cupboards are filled with MY things. That is my green garden looking lush in the moonlight.


I never realised the power of my space. Something not shared but wholly mine. Well until the next adventure takes me somewhere else!

I am home!



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