Stage 12 – Liverpool

In 2000 I arrived in Liverpool, fresh from an Italian Summer holiday, for university. I didn’t realise then how my future would be shaped by this city. It was so different from where I grew up and I was over whelmed by the vastness but there was a underlying sense of magic and wonder. 2 years of eye opening culture and accents and I left slightly heart broken to follow my then obsession with animation.

Now when I return it’s like coming home.

I have been returning to Liverpool for 14 years and boy there have been changes! In 2008 Liverpool was capital of culture and the city implemented lots of changes – they even moved the yellow submarine out to the airport! The L1 centre dominates down town gathering all my favourite shops and eateries in one place. With added space for new places to eat, drink and shop! It is bustling but pleasantly so. Thankfully Bold St is still Bold St and so is Matthew St.

Of all the places I have lived there are 3 I return to every year. Liverpool is one of them. It is where I learnt to follow my dreams, it inspired me to think for myself and most importantly Liverpool taught me about football – including the off side rule!

If you have to learn about it, you may as well learn from the best!


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