Stage 9 – Berlin


Berlin – I arrived to a HUGE station!

I mean 6 floors??? Trains, Trams, underground, overground, buses, taxis…..bikes? Holy smokes I am in heaven! I have garnered a real sense of appreciation for public transport so far in my travels.

WOW! Am in awe…

Have realised that when travelling you most definitely need

  1. A map of where you are going
  2. A metro map
  3. And to be able to ask for help!

Thankfully by the time I arrived here in Berlin I have all three – although seems that I fit into pretty much every city and people ask ME directions in the local language to which I respond – Mafi aalmaanee meaning no German (Sort of)

After settling into my really trendy hostel I hit up the Ernst Thalmann monument – he was a communist party leader – then as with most Germanic cities, I headed to Alexandre  Platz! This became my base location for most of my trip! Including the street theater festival! There really is nothing like beer and crepes!

The last few weeks have taught me alot about traveling, making friends and how to get the most out of a city. Eg, free tours that aren’t free! A great way to get started!

Berlin is an amazing city – people often forget that it is famous for more than just Hitler, the Wall and Nazi’s. It is famous for Nobel prize winners, a hub of music and art!

Go Prince Ferdinand the Great!

The only “Great” to be called so while still living! – Guess that means they meant it!

Ps. I am starting to really dislike history books! They leave so much out!! I know! History is written by the winners but come on! So much of the German side is lost simply because they lost – not 1 but 2 world wars.

I am going to remember the sacrifices during the commemorations this year, I do every year but this year will have much more meaning for me as my understanding has grown immensely.

On the other end of experiences – 2.2km of beer along Karl Marx Allee!


The 18th International Beer Festival – my first thought was AWESOME!

My second was don’t they celebrate Oktoberfest too?

A serious great way to spend  the weekend!

I love Swartz beir!

Who knew?


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