Stage 8 – Dresden

Dresden…the only city on my list that I chose to visit simply because of its name! It sounds strong and sure. The city did survive a lot of bombing during the war. Much of its buildings were demolished and have since been rebuilt. Despite ths actual newness of the buildings it looks old!

The city has an odd vibe. They have hidden away the restaurants and bars so when simply wandering around you can’t find somewhere to pop in to! Then again as I discovered, who needs a restaurant when there is so much street food around. Wurst to sushi….particulary around stations or multiple connection stops. The Germans have it so right wurst and beer! Although I could do with the bread as well!
Dresden is nestled along the banks of the Elbe. Settled way back when water and defence where priorities when choosing a location for your city!

Having a river in your city gives it something. You can stroll by the river, sleep by it, shop by it…pretty much what ever you like and it always feels relaxed and calm. Even in the rain!

Of course sun is better!


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