Stage 7 – Prague


Prague the city that drinks the most beer, per person, in the world. I arrived via train and tram and WOW!

I am in love!

Cobbled streets, bridges and statues…so many statues. Now Vienna was pretty but it was missing something. Prague has that Je ne sais quoi in spades. There is soul here. It’s beautiful.

And the history…. wow it’s amazing. Definitely the capital of defenestrations, 3 politically defenestrations throughout its history.

Such a great word….defenestration… the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. Most people on the tour hadn’t heard it before…I had…I read a lot!


Speaking of tours. Prague was my first free tour….hm definitely a misnomer. A free tour is actually just a paid tour where you, the customer, sets the end price based on how happy you are at the end. Not that I minded paying a tip but still free is just that free! The guides are fabulous, none of whom were actually Czech although they all had lived in Prague for a while.

The idea of a walking tour appeals to me though many people like the bus tours. I think that you miss the soul of a city when you are sat on a bus. But they are good ways to see lots of places in a short space of time!


Prague as a castle.
I love castles.
Prague castle is unlike any castle I have ever seen.
It’s huge. Vast. Enormous.
Each new king, emperor or empress added bits to it throughout the years as demands grew. It is a higgledy-piggledy mass of palaces, churches and stately homes that sprawl across a hill above old town Prague. 3 hours of meandering through it with my tour and wow. It was awesome. Incredible.

Prague is definitely a favourite on the trip!


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