A walk in the clouds

I read on the back of a map that I could get a tram to Viennese wine country. This sounded like a good way to spend an afternoon.

Boy was I wrong!

After mushing around the Natchmarket and chilling in Belvedere Schloss I caught the D Tram. The trams in Vienna vary from super modern to fairly ancient. The D is no exception as I climbed aboard the old yellow tram I realised the best way to see a city is by tram.

As the tram wound it’s way through the streets of Vienna, I sat child like – nose to the window as the pretty building floated past. It’s all so pretty!
The changes begin in district 9 with its large, green streets with older buildings with less polish. Character began to creep in along with cracks and colour. The Orange police fortress and the yellow monstrosity that is Karl Max Hof.

At the end of the line sits Beethovengang, a small village on tthe edge of Vienna. Because I am conscientious and don’t like getting lost I checked the map…ok wasn’t sure 11km was a good idea but it’s a holiday!

Off I went!

The vineyards were young – not that I know much about vineyards – and the air fresh. It was peaceful and refreshing. Well the hill was painful but I was rewarded for my perseverance with an old Wienhaus.

So I stopped

The view of Vienna was awesome. The wine refreshingly light and the roses were lovely. I have never smelt roses without my nose stuck in one but sitting on the terrace sipping my wine I could! The locals sat around me in pairs chatting and drinking spritzers. Beautiful.

Despite being seriously happy to sit on that terrace for the rest of the day I carried on.

I do love a country walk.

Another hill, another breathtaking view and there in front of me was another Wienhaus. So I stopped for a spritzer and a nibble.


I figured I was about a quarter of the way round the 11km and was a little worried about the time. But I figured I couldn’t get too lost. Despite the niggling feeling I had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

I had!

But it was a lucky one! I arrived back at Beethovengang having chopped the walk in half – my body was very happy about that! I loved my amazing “walk in the clouds” it made Vienna for me.

So as I waited for the tram, I stopped off at another Wienhaus for one last spritzer.


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