Stage 5 – Budapest

At least Budapest Keleti station actually looks like a station! It’s old and pretty…with the appropriate glass and steel roof!

I approve!

A 30 minute walk to my next hostel was nice and calm so first impressions are good. I found a coffee shop that opens at….9am!!

Oh dear!

I discovered that while travelling you really should keep an eye on the the time zone’s. I crossed one while sleeping and tried to check in a hout early much to the poor receptionists confusion. I was adamant I was on time…then had the clock pointed out to me…oops!

First meal:

Mushroom soup and goulash with pancake…and a beer!

It rained.

So I donned my new jacket brouvht for exactly this purpose and off I went into the city! I wandered over to Buda – I didn’t realise Budapest was actually 3 cities Buda, Pest and Ouda! I walked up a hill while watching a funicular with a HUGE queue! What a view!

As a traversed the art museums on Budapest I was captured by a single painting – The Three Graces by Batista Naldini

I don’t know why it stopped me but it did. I sat a absorbed it for ages. I guess this is what the Artist was aiming for. I find galleries great, I like to look at paintings and decide if I like them or not but I am not one to stand at each painting and try to decide what the artist was trying to evoke. I like to wander through the gallery stopping when something catches my eye or I see something I want to look at more closely. But every painting…no…not my style!

My favourite thing in Budapest:

I spent a large part of my afternoon just enjoying the show listening to some classical and some old school music while enjoying the atmosphere.

I swapped my day trip for a Hungarian Folk Rhapsody.

This was loads of fun. The dancing and the music was a great glimpse into historical life in Old Hungary.

View from the Danube

The 15th came too fast. Then it was time to check out and after a naught unpaid tram ride as I could find a ticket office or machine. I arrived at Kelenfoe station. Hmm. I think the stations are back sliding. As I waited for my train to be called in this homogenous concrete block I vaguely wondered if I was at the right station!

Thankfully it was!

Seems as I travel north the trains get nicer and newer…I wonder when I will get a pendelino train???


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