Stage 3 – Sofia

As I left the airport I was stuck by the unimpressive city skyline which was rescued by the pink tendrils of colour highlighting the enormous mountain in the background. As first impressions go those mountains impressed.

The city was a mix of graffiti laden walls and hidden churches with huge green spaces to chill and relax. At first I thought it was a bit on the scruffy side until I realised that was Sofia’s charm. Everything about Sofia was chilled and relaxed. A great feeling that was needed after the hustle of Isanbul.

Despite being built on a grid system getting lost was far too easy with the streets signs being written in cryllic. I was disorientated and finally settled on using my call to prayer app to find north and take a picture! Even then I did a lot of

scenic route


The best thing about Sofia was the cafe lifestyle. Starting a 8am along Vitosha Boulevard cafe ppened their door or table. Coffee, smoothies, juices were available with alcohol available later. Sitting in the cafes people watching became my favoutite thing to do in the mornings and evenings. So relaxing and very cool.

Cool is definitely the word to decide Sofia!


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