Stage 2 – Istanbul

I am wondering how I am going to keep up this blog with all the things I am going to see over the next 7 weeks…so will not go into a blow by blow account of each city but will pick some choice moments to share.

Istanbul – an ancient, sprawling city of culture…

Vastly different from Abu Dhabi! It’s old and while tripping and falling over cobble stones I have realized I am a little out of shape! Good thing I have walked over 10 000 steps pretty much every day while being in Istanbul. Staying in Sultanamet or the Old City – it’s mixture of ancient buildings next to modern ones although even those are old. Breath taking!  A quiet orientation stroll turned into checking out the Hagia Sophia and a wander around the Grand Bazaar.

Wow just doesn’t cover it!

Seeing a former mosque and church with reliefs from both religions was amazing and knowing I was standing in a building over 1500 years old was incredible!


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