Eastern Europe Extravaganza

Yes, yes that is actually what I am calling my summer vacation!

What started out as a 2 month trip to the UK was transformed when I realised people get sick of me lazing about on their couch after about 3 days! So I thought I hit a couple of European cities that are

on the list!

It started with a quick jaunt to Amsterdam then while checking out things to do in the area I though…

Ooo I can get the train to Berlin!

The realisation that I could take the train pretty much anywhere suddenly opened up the options!
So I dug out my

places to go

list and looked at where I wanted to go and train maps. Suddenly my week in Amsterdam turned into a massive 7 week trip across Eastern Europe ending in Istanbul.


Then while telling my cousin, she asked “can I come to Istanbul? I haven’t been yet!”


I flipped the trip and added Abu Dhabi to the list and now I have an amazing summer to look forward to!

I can’t wait!!


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