The Three Points

Location:        Southernmost tip of Mozambique

About:            The Three Points consist of Ponta D’Oura (Point of gold), Ponta Malongane (Place of Children) and Ponta Mamoli which are in a series of bays that stretch to near Maputo.

In 1995 Ponta D’Oura was a small, very rural village with an up and coming dive community. It has since grown into a slightly less rural village with more dive centres and hotel resorts. Thankfully it is only reachable by 4×4 along sand dune roads so it has remained small and kept its rural charm.


Ponto D’Oura is a bay Diving from Ponta is mostly done from zodiacs – yes more rolling backwards of a pontoon! It has a huge variety of dives sites with over 20 reefs stretching from Ponta D’Oura through to Ponta Malongane which are about 15km apart but dive the same sites. Some of the sites closer to Malongane can also be dived from Ponta Mamoli. The depths vary from 8m to 50m and are filled with stunning coral, reef fish and game fish as well as sharks and huge potato bass. I love diving here and have loved it since my first dive at Checkers on a whale shark weekend.

I remember getting angry at something possibly someone and walked to Ponto Malongane in the rain, then walked back. It took me hours and boy was I in trouble when I returned. Malongane Bay is just up the coast about 18km by 4×4. There are a variety of resorts to stay in and most of the reefs that can be reached are the same ones dived from Ponta D’Oura. I have dived a few of the northern reefs on the hope that I would see sharks but I have never stayed here.


Ponta Mamoli is a beautiful environmentally friendly resort about 12km by4x4 from Ponta Malongane. I have dived here once on a special visit shortly after the resort had opened and one of the skippers who had been at Ponta D’Oura was there. It was amazing. The reef is home to similar flora and fauna to those further south but the formations were different. Lounging by the pool was really nice and something you couldn’t do at Ponta D’Oura at the time.


Ponta made me fall in love with the ocean – for diving, swimming and lying listening to the waves. Not even the blue bottles can scare me off!



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