Where it all began

Name:             Aliwal Shoal

Location:        KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa

About:            Aliwal Shoal is a large reef 3 – 5km off the coast of Umkomaas. It is over 3KM long and is home to a large diverse array of coral and aquatic life. It varies in depth from 6m to 27m and offers temperatures for 19 – 25 degrees Celsius. It is on the edge of the Indian Ocean  

                        It got its name in 1850 when The Aliwal nearly ran into it. The captain warned all other ships about the “very large and dangerous rock, or shoal, with heavy breakers” which he couldn’t find on any sea chart.

All dives are zodiac dives from rubber duck boats – yes that means you kits up and roll over backwards! There are a huge variety of dive sites to choose from. There are two wrecks that ran into the shoal and sank. They are The Produce, who sank in 1974, lies at 30m and is home to many tame brindle bass. The other ship, the Nebo, sank on her maiden voyage in 1884 and at 25m you will find Kingfish, Salmon and many tropical fish swimming amongst the wreck. “It is one of the few places on the Aliwal Shoal where you can lose sight of your buddy because of the amount of small fish in the water.”

Aliwal Shoal is best known for its Ragged Toothed Sharks – Grey Nurse Sharks which are amazing to see “up close and personal”



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