All in a morning…

5 am is early for most people. On a weekend it’s even earlier!

Why would anyone get up at 5am on a weekend?

All sorts of reasons.

Mine is simple SCUBA DIVING
Although today I was setting up the boats so others could enjoy a fabulous day of diving.
Setting up is straightforward…wake up at 5, get picked up at 5.30, collect the curry and rice from the restaurant. 6 am arrive at Danube to buy breakfast and snacks for the boats.
6.30 the car is loaded and we are good to get coffee and our own breakfast which for me consists of an Americano coffee and an egg “eyes” with cheese sandwich. It’s a great way to start my day.

Breakfast is eaten in the back seat of the car while driving to the marina – the car, not me – I can’t drive in KSA and I am actually fine with that!

By 7 am we are at the marina and now the heavy lifting starts.  Unloading food, getting ice, checking drinks, and making sure all the equipment is ready – tanks, gear, extras. Once done it’s time to check the emergency equipment – first aid and DAN kit.

With everything squared away, it’s time to welcome the customers, collect their id and get them on the correct boats. For some people, a time given to arrive is stone for others…. not so much!

One boat unties and heads out at 8.30 off for a full day of diving, snorkelling and fun in the Red Sea.

So now it’s 9 am and we are waiting in 32°Celcius heat for 1 customer – why? Because his mates don’t want to leave him.


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